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Welcome to official page
of the "Community Fair Play" Program


"Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location Program is affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and organised by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy which boasts many years' experience in promoting ethics and entrepreneurship among both investors and local authorities (as demonstrated by our training courses, conferences and studies, such as "Entrepreneurship Development in Rural Areas", "Investment Promotion in Municipalities", "Investment Strategies of the Communities", "Co-Operation between Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Authorities", etc.).

On the basis of the Institute's experience and long years of relations with the winners of the parallel "Business Fair Play" Promotion Program (, we have concluded that if there are exemplary businesses, there must also be model communities that promote sustainable development, which is beneficial to local residents and enterprises. The entrepreneurs we worked with pointed out the need of having a review of the work of local authorities which actually shape local conditions and the everyday life of community inhabitants and investors who either operate there already or just intend to do so. Based on numerous conversations with the entrepreneurs and our own experience, we prepared a list of characteristics which a "Community Fair Play" ought to have. In particular, it should:

  • be actively involved in attracting new investment on the organisational, promotional and financial level;
  • be committed to solving problems by mutual agreement;
  • meet its obligations;
  • constantly improve local infrastructure;
  • promote environment-friendly investments and buildings which are specially adapted for the disabled;
  • be law-abiding and boast high moral standards among its employees;
  • systematically consult the inhabitants and pay attention to their needs;
  • co-operate with local entrepreneurs.

"Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location Program was created with the aim of selecting and identifying determined and dynamic communities that have some innovative and promising ideas for their development, which would bring benefits to all the stakeholders. It was our goal to indicate to both Polish and foreign enterprises those places where they can invest without hesitation, where they will be assisted in a welcoming atmosphere and will find help and advice from office employees of unquestionable ethical standards. We wanted to encourage communication between communities, so that they could exchange information and their own, well-tried ways, for instance, to promote investment effectively, and could do so in a non-competitive manner. We also wanted to initiate and reinforce contacts among the winners of "Business Fair Play" Program since they might be interested, as potential investors, in finding the best possible location and establishing co-operation with an equal, reliable and diligent partner, who is open to their needs. Such partnership should be provided by local authorities since successful co-operation between the community and its entrepreneurs, both new and already established, is a source of notable benefits for both parties, including, on the one hand, new jobs, which are so much needed on the Polish market, increase of tax revenues, new facilities which the communities may need, such as waste treatment plants, gymnastics halls, schools, hotel and tourist facilities, etc. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, may expect better investment conditions, preferential tax rates, being included in the community's promotional activities and participating in consultancy panels involved, for instance, in drafting community budget. Businesses that engage in active co-operation with the community can also win social prestige and recognition.

For ten years now, we have identified and promoted communities that meet these requirements and deserve the "Community Fair Play" - Certified Investment Location title and certificate. Many winners, thanks to their participation in this Program, have established relations resulting in new investments, currently under completion. A number of communities have developed new ideas for effective promotion, have received support in finding the right direction in their development or have been convinced that success is worth investing time and work.

It is our hope that the near future will bring measurable benefits to the winners of subsequent editions and new investors, and we hope that you will be one of them.

You are welcome!

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